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Iterate over elements of string of digits in Go language

A short code example of how to iterate over a string in go lang, when every element of string is a numeric digit.

Suppose we have a function increment as shown below:

func increment(a int32) int32 {
    return a + 1

The above given function needs an int32 as parameter. Our main function is given a string of digits, and we have to print each digit after incrementing it by one. Clearly, we need to get numeric value of each digit in the input string.

func main() {
    input := "1234"
    for _, r := range input {

As we can see in the above code snippet, we can iterate over a string in Go Lang by using range. Variable 'r' contains rune for each character in string 'input' one at a time. Actual numeric value can be acheived by subtracting the ASCII value of digit ZERO.